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Rules of Membership

For acceptance as a member of National Judgment Network, all members must agree to abide by the following professional standards. Any member withdrawing (or expelled for cause) from the network will not be eligible for reimbursement of any portion of their membership fee.

(1) All members must be actively engaged in the business of judicial judgment enforcement, and must immediately inform National Judgment Network should he/she discontinue his/her practice within the profession.

(2) All members must agree to provide limited assistance to fellow members in the enforcement of their judgments. Any fees or expenses incurred in rendering assistance to a fellow member will be the responsibility of the member requesting assistance.


(3) No member may directly contact the customer of another member for whom he/she is rendering assistance.

(4) All members must agree to conduct their business in a professional and ethical manner, adhering to all rules and regulations imposed by national, state, and local governing authorities.

(5) Should a dispute arise with a customer that a member is unable to resolve, he/she may contact National Judgment Network and request mediation. Any dispute in which the member is found to be at-fault, that is not equitably resolved, will be grounds for dismissal from the network.

(6) No member may divulge his/her username or password to a third party, or allow access to the NJN website by a non-member.

(7) Members understand and agree that all software, manuals, templates, and information available on the NJN website are proprietary and confidential, and are made available for the exclusive use of the member only. No such materials may be sold, given away, or divulged to another party.

(8) Members using the NJN Discussion Forum must conduct all discussions in a respectful, orderly, and professional manner.

(9) All members must understand and agree that neither National Judgment Network nor its members are engaged in the business of rendering legal advice of any kind. No information or discussion on the NJN Website may be construed as legal advice. Where legal advice is required, an attorney should be consulted.

(10) National Judgment Network does not engage in spam or telerate spam by any of its members. Members must agree not to engage in the transmission of spam in any fashion whatsoever.

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