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The Judgment Recovery Business

Here is the opportunity you've been waiting for! A recession-proof career in the lucrative field of Judicial Judgment Recovery! No other legitimate business opportunity can offer you the financial rewards and satisfaction of your own judicial judgment recovery business. What is Judgment Recovery? It is a computer based, work at home business with the potential of generating a six figure income while providing a valuable service to society.

Every day hundreds of courts award thousands of judicial judgments in civil cases throughout the nation. Some are small claim judgments for a few hundred dollars. Others are civil judgments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Only about twenty percent of these judgments are ever paid by the losing party. Eighty percent of all court awarded judgments go uncollected!

Tired of the ratrace?

Tired of the rat race?

Isn't it time to earn
money for yourself?

Judgments Expire

In most states, judgments are good for ten years and can be renewed for an additional ten years. During the life of the judgment, it accumulates interest and increases in size. There are literally millions of unsatisfied judgments on the books amounting to billions (yes, billions) of dollars waiting to be collected. Why can't the judgment winners collect these legal awarded debts? A lot of reasons!

  • The debtor may have changed his residence to avoid payment!
  • He may have moved to another state where the judgment isn't valid!
  • He may have attempted to hide his assets!
  • He may have even changed his name to avoid payment!

While the courts attempt to see justice served by awarding a money judgment to the winner of a civil case, they do absolutely nothing to enforce payment. Enforcement is left up to the judgment winner! Most people, after a few years, give up hope of ever collecting the money they are owed! As a judgment recovery specialist, you can enforce these judgments and generate a hefty profit in the process!

As a judgment recovery specialist, you will have the judgment winner legally assign the judgment to you. You will then use your knowledge and expertise to track down the debtor, locate his assets, and enforce payment using legal remedies made available to you by the court. For this service, you will keep fifty percent of all revenues collected!

The Training

National Judgment Network is comprised of judgment recovery professionals located throughout the United States who have agreed to assist one another in the enforcement of judicial judgments. We have compiled a comprehensive manual to educate new enforcement specialists in the field of judgment recovery. The NJN manual provides training on how to:

  • easily locate unsatisfied judicial judgments,
  • have the judgment legally transferred to you,
  • run a "skip trace" to locate the debtor,
  • conduct an "asset search" to uncover his assets,
  • and use the court system to enforce payment.

Is it legal? Absolutely! Isn't it practicing law without a license? Absolutely not! Once the judgment has been legally assigned, making you the owner of the judgment, you can legally represent yourself in the process of enforcement. And, as owner of the judgment, you have access to all legal remedies of the court at your disposal. Depending on your state, you may be able to garnish wages, attach bank accounts, place real estate liens, seize property, and more!

National Judgment Network's judgment enforcement training manual will provide you with all the tools necessary to enter this lucrative field. You will learn about:

The recovery process


Types of judgments

Starting your business


The skip trace process

The court system


Asset discovery

Post judgment interest


The enforcement process

Soliciting business



The initial contact


The consumer credit report

The assignment process


Online information sources

Filing the Asignment


The judgment database

Locating the debtor


Sample cases

National Judgment Network's Judicial Judgment Enforcement Manual is written in e-book format and is comprised of over 400 full-size pages, containing all the information you need to get your new business off the ground and become successful! Click here take a look at the first few pages. Then, to find out what makes the NJN training program different from all the rest of the programs on the market, read on...

The Difference

  • Most training programs available are "state specific". They deal primarily with judgment recovery in the state in which the author resides. The NJN program was written for judgment recovery on a "national" basis!
  • The manual is comprised of over 400 full-size pages with legal information on every state and the District of Columbia. It is the most complete and thorough manual available anywhere!
  • The manual is written in e-book format so that it can be quickly delivered over the Internet for immediate use! The manual can also be viewed online and even printed on your own printer if desired. We believe in providing our members with alternatives!
  • Continuing access to the latest version! Because the manual is in e-book form, it can constantly be revised and updated. You will always have access to the most recent version!
  • The program was compiled by real judgment recovery professionals, who actively participate in the business of judgment recovery on a day to day basis!
  • The NJN training program is the least expensive program of its kind! It's free with membership in National Judgment Network, and the cost of membership is less than the cost of any other judgment recovery training program available!

Just the Beginning

You mean, there's more? The NJN training program is just the beginning! National Judgment Network members enjoy a multitude of benefits:

  • You will be an active and participating member of the network, with full access to the National Judgment Network website for life!
  • Your contact information will be publicized, allowing visitors to the NJN website to contact you directly for assistance in collecting their judgments. Your first contact is very likely to return far more than your cost for membership!
  • The NJN Online Office Center is an online system that was designed exclusively for the business of judgment recovery. It contains everything needed to efficiently operate your judgment recovery business on a day to day basis. It includes a post-judgment interest calculator, public records search program, case management database, online storage, and more. The case management database will track your cases, automatically calculate post-judgment interest (regardless of territory) and produce many of the necessary documents and letters used in your business. All data is stored safely and securely online where it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world. Learn more about the NJN Online Office Center by clicking here.
  • Listen to audio training seminars by experts in the field, online!
  • You can even use our "online" document preparation engine to produce and print required documents while you are online!
  • Because National Judgment Network is neither an information provider nor a research service, you are provided with a multitude of links to the best, and least expensive information sources on the Web! Many of the sources are free!
  • Enjoy free services such as Bank Routing Indicator lookups, reverse phone and address searches, etc. right on the NJN website.
  • On the NJN Assistance/Discussion Forum, you will be able to obtain the assistance of active judgment recovery professionals located throughout the country, to help you become successful! But don't take our word for it! Click the Testimonials button at the top of the page to read a few recent testimonials by members of National Judgment Network.
  • You will have access to over fifty NJN tutorials written by experts in the field and covering all phases of judicial judgment recovery, such as Asset Discovery, Fraudulent Conversion, Garnishment, Child Support Enforcement, etc.
  • You will even be provided with your own free website to promote your new judgment recovery business. Click here to view a sample website in a new window.
  • You will have access to the NJN Email Service Center and your own free email address such as You@JudgmentPros.Net or You@JudgmentRecovery.org.
  • Download free software and state-specific court forms directly from the NJN website.
  • Links to information services, a legal dictionary, the ability to obtain a free fax line, free office suite, and more.
  • Qualify to display the coveted "NJN Certification Seal" upon completion of an extensive examination. The examination is free to all NJN members. While not required, certification informs the world that you possess a superior knowledge of the judgment recovery business!
  • An online post-judgment interest calculator, graphics for your website, and much more!


And what does membership cost? Less than you think! The cost of a lifetime membership is just $149! There are no other fees or hidden costs. That's a small price to pay for the benefits, promotion, and assistance available to National Judgment Network members. Your can even enjoy immediate access by paying your membership fee online!

As you have learned, judicial judgment recovery can be a very lucrative business. You have also learned about the most comprehensive and least expensive training program available and caught a glimpse of the many benefits available to National Judgment Network members. Still, you may have a few questions. Most of them are covered on our FAQ page. Click Questions at the top of the page for answers to "Frequently Asked Questions".


Great! How do I join? When you are ready to join us, click the Join Us button at the top of the page. We can accept payment of your membership fee online using your major credit card or PayPal account.

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