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Because there are a number of software packages on the market for judgment recovery professionals it is important to understand the difference between them. First of all, the NJN Online Office Center resides online! It doesn't matter if you run Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any Internet Browser on any computer. The NJN Online Office Center includes a comprehensive post-judgment interest calculator, banking center, email center, public records search program, case management database, and much more! Let's compare just the Case Management Database to some of the competitive programs.

The purpose of such a program is to easily track the progress of your cases, automatically compute post-judgment interest, correctly handle partial payments, produce documents, alert you to deadlines, etc. Such a program should also be capable of handling judgments awarded in all states. A program capable of handling judments in all states is very complex for a number of reasons:

Post-judgment interest in some states, such as California, is easy to calculate. California post-judgment interest is simple interest calculated at a fixed rate. On the other hand, post-judgment interest in states like Michigan is more complex. In Michigan the interest rate changes every six months and is compounded. In some jurisdictions, such as the District of Columbia, the post-judgment interest rate not only changes but is tied to some arcane standard. The post-judgment interest rate in the District of Columbia is 70% of the amount charged by the Internal Revenue Service for the underpayment of taxes.

Partial payments further complicate the process of correctly computing post-judgment interest. The law requires that when a partial payment is receieved, the amount of the payment must first be applied to accumulated interest and any balance applied to the principal, which changes the basis for future calculations. You can see how complex the calculations must be for states with a changing interest rate that must be compounded and the basis adjusted each time a partial payment is received.

The NJN Case Management Database is the only program capable of correctly computing such values regardless of the state in which the judgment was awarded. Some competitive programs were not written specifically for the business of judgment recovery. Some are not "platform independent" meaning that you must run Windows and have MS-Access or some other program installed on your computer in order to use them. Still, other programs found on the market are state-specific, meaning they were created to handle judgments awarded in a single state. Most are incapable of computing post-judgment interest once a payment has been received. Such competitive programs sell from between $120 to $450 and that's for the case management database alone!

The NJN Case Management Database:

  • is "platform independent";
  • resides securely online in your own password protected office center;
  • post-judgment interest rates are updated weekly so they are always current;
  • data is automatically backed-up daily;
  • supports an unlimited number of records;
  • features over 390 fields for data entry, including 15 user-definable fields;
  • correctly computes post-judgment interest and judgment value for all states;
  • does not require you to enter interest rates;
  • correctly handles partial-payments received;
  • produces judgment recovery related reports, documents and letters on your printer;
  • allows you create your own documents and automatically merges data from the database;
  • does not require that you own MS-Word - works with most popular word processors;
  • automatically alerts you to deadlines, such as judgment renewal dates;
  • searches and sorts records based on your criteria;
  • provides you with the ability to "hide" records for cases that have been satisfied;
  • allows you to "link" important files and documents to each record;
  • links to online statutes for all states;
  • is capable of importing and exporting records to other applications;
  • and, is constantly being improved based on suggestions from our members!

Best of all -- the NJN Online Office Center is free with membership in National Judgment Network. However, because all data and documents are stored online, hosting on a dependable server is required. If you decide you would like your own Online Office Center it is available to members for just $49 per year to cover the cost of hosting. Check out a "demo" version of the program by clicking here. Login with the username "demo" and the password "test". Compare it with the features of any other program available. Then, join National Judgment Network, register your own Online Office Center, and access it instantly.

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