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NJN Members In The News!

DETROIT, MI, November 18, 2009 "Cambridge Who's Who" -- Monique Tyler, Chief Executive Officer, Judgment Recovery Specialist for Tyler Management Systems, Inc., has been recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in administrative operations.

As the chief executive officer and judgment recovery specialist for Tyler Management Systems, Inc., Ms. Tyler specializes in research and investigation. She is responsible for overseeing reorganization, medicare set asides and judgment recovery, and buying and assigning debts. Tyler Management Systems, Inc. is a risk management company that provides judgment recovery, claims management, medicare set aside and paralegal services. After familiarizing herself with government entities, Ms. Tyler decided to pursue the field as a career. She attributes her success to her hard work, perseverance, patience and administrative skills.

Ms. Tyler received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Marygrove College and is a member of the National Judgment Network. The company has been expanding rapidly to California and Georgia, and she intends to continue to expand it next to Alabama, and then to a national and international level.

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