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The following report from the Better Business Bureau may be viewed by clicking here.

Legal Revenue Service: We rate this company as having an unsatisfactory business performance record. Complainants generally allege failing to receive the product, failing to receive the promised assistance, failing to obtain a refund based on the money back guarantee, and other issues related to the product quality. The company responds to some complaints by stating they are shipping the product or issuing refunds. In some cases, the clients dispute this stating they have not received the promised materials or refunds. Most complaints remain unanswered.

The next complaint was received on Legal Revenue Service from a National Judgment Network member. A complete listing of companies on which complaints have been filed is available to registered members.

A Judgment Recovery Training Program
Written And Compiled From Actual Experience by Lance R. Shapiro

Legal Revenue Service
9800 D. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 242
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Telephone: 800/730-0340 or 818/594-4044
Fax: 818/594-4044


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Windsor Judicial Systems in Montana first introduced me to the judgment recovery business by their spam email. After my disillusionment with them, I looked around for another training course and spotted LRS. It sounded perfect for me because the auhor's firm was based in CA so he must know how everything worked in CA courts.

I made the 1 and 1/2 hour drive to the listed address on the other side of Los Angeles, anxious to see what a working office would look like. It looked like a Personal Mail Box at Mail Boxes, Etc. Now, I have no objection to the fact that they conduct business out of a PMB, but it is misleading - andillegal - to refer to a PMB as a Suite (implying an office), which they still do.

Disappointed, I rationalized that if they were dishonest about something so minor, maybe I should just stay away from them.

However, later that night I called and spoke to Lance Shapiro’s brother-in-law (Mr. Shapiro never did return my phone calls). Thru several more calls and emails, I was convinced to purchase the program because of the NO RISK 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

As soon as I started reading my newly purchased manual, I was shocked. It states right on the first page it's been edited by a Madeline Montgomery, but in my estimation she faked it. There was nary a page in its total of 150 that didn't have at least one misspelling, grammar error, or typo (as bad as several duplications of entire paragraphs). I also noticed that, except for the terrible editing job, it was almost an exact duplication of another JR course manual on the market.

I immediately called to ask for a refund, but a machine answered and my calls were not returned. I emailed requesting the same, and was told, "Sorry, check out the money back guarantee in the manual."

Their website's NO RISK 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE says:

Invest in my program and study the course. Get a few judgments assigned to you, then see for yourself that you can make the kind of income we say you can. Make sure that this is the business for you.

Then at ANYTIME during the 90 days after receiving your program, if you are not satisfied, simply return the course manual and diskettes along with the cases you were assigned, for a full refund. What could be more fair?

However, only after buying the course do you find out that, to obtain a refund, you must sign a page saying:

Legal Revenue Service guarantees to the person listed below (student) 100% of the amount of their purchase price of the Judicial Judgment Processing Course, if after 90 days of using the program from the date of purchase, the student does not make at least 3 times the amount of the purchase price of the program in collected judicial judgments.

To qualify for the 100% Guarantee the student must:

1. Send out at least 10 letters per week to judgment holders to persuade them to allow the student to buy their judgment or collect their judgment on a contingency basis.
2. Keep track of all letters sent and phone calls received.
3. Pull credit reports on each judgment purchased or assigned for collection.
4. Follow Legal Revenue Service's process to collect judgments.

And if he obtains a refund, the student must turn over to Legal Revenue Service all names, addresses and key information on all contacted plaintiffs, and reassign to Legal Revenue Service any judgments currently assigned to him.

BEFORE PURCHASE: If not satisfied, just return.

AFTER PURCHASE: Send out at least 10 letters a week, pull credit reports, and turnover to LRS all lead information along with reassignments of any judgments received.

I finally realized they were not going to return my money just because I was unsatisfied, so I offered to edit their course for a free copy of one of the other programs they sold. I never received a response to that either.


Not only was I dissatisfied with a very unprofessional editing job, and the fact that their course is so very, very similar to another on the market, but there are two statements on their website that particularly bother me. One is a heading at the top of the page that reads:

"Collect 1 Judgment and Earn $21,389!"

Doesn't that sound like on every judgment you collect you'll earn $21,389! Between that and Windsor's claim of recovered money being tax-free, we should all be rich in 90 days!

Think I'm being too picky - that I should know not all judgments will earn me that much? That thought is only enforced in a statement following their money back guarantee:

This money-making program is normally priced at $159.99, but as a special Internet introductory offer" it is available for a short time at $139.99. That's about what most people spend on a nice dinner and a movie.

Processing just one judgment will easily pay for the program 100 times over.

There is no qualifier in that sentence. It expressly says that processing just one judgment will easily earn more than $13,999. That means if I process 10 judgments, I'll easily earn more than $139,999. Yeah, right!

Okay, hands in the air time. How many of you easily earned more than $13,999 on your first judgment?

This expression of my opinion and experience is only to alert NJN members to be cautious before buying this program, and to warn you of what you might expect from another's experience.

I hope other members will let us know - good or bad - their experience with this company.


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