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My name is Brandon I have owned National Judgment Enforcement Agency (www.njea.net) and have been a member here on NJN since late of '03. I have successfully closed many judgments through out the years. I could not have done it without this site. From the adrenaline rush I got at my first debtors exam, to my first check. Because of this site (NJN), I have a team of 4 people that spread out to other counties in PA (and soon MD), generate leads and pursue judgments for this company. Everything I use in my company is from this site (still using the old Access database). I cannot begin to express how this site changed my life. There is no other business that I know of that has this much support for its members. Thank you NJN.



Claude Dickerson's masterpiece of a web site with support for judgment enforcers nationwide. They have a fantastic (but overly moderated) discussion forum. The NJN site also has many benefits, such as a judgment course as a PDF, form letters that may be adapted to your specific needs, payment calculators, and a vast array of tools, links, a database case management program, etc. The NJN really helps both newbies and experienced judgment enforcers. No matter what State you are in, you will find the NJN valuable.

Lance Shapiro

Please know that in the past week, since joining your association, more issues and questions have been answered than in the 3 months I spent struggling with Windsor. The vast amount of information is outstanding, generally it's easy to access even for a dope like me. I have sent my application documents to one of the information brokers who informed me that the response time was virtually instant. Compare that with 36 hours for a Skip Trace from Windsor.

I certainly do know that starting in any business is difficult and risky. I have exhausted all my financial resources fighting with those other people. Now, because of your organization I have a positive prospect of making this effort pay off. Earlier this week I was speaking with a County Judge who thought that collecting judgments could pay very well even in our rural area. Now, with the opportunities and information you have provided, I know I will. Keep up the great job!


I guess I am the latest new guy. It is amazing to see how developed the resources are on the NJN website. I am a lawyer, and I can tell you that they did not teach us the things you (other members) have learned, in law school. Thanks for putting together such good tools.


Because I am a judgment broker, I have unique expertise and perspective on many topics related to judgments, judgment recovery, contingency collection lawyers, judgment training providers, and judgment recovery associations and organizations. This article is about the fantastic National Judgment Network (NJN) started in 1998 ... read more ...

Mark Shapiro

I have been a member of NJN for about a week. I've spent roughly 10 months just researching my state's laws. Despite learning more about the enforcement of civil judgments than most of the attorneys I know, I still wasn't ready to take action. What I lacked was somebody to show me "how." In that regard, I must commend you for the wealth of information available. Had I joined NJN those 10 months ago, I'd be much farther ahead in the game. Thank you for not only providing tutorials and training, but for creating an online community of and for JR professionals. The Judgment Database has been most helpful, and the discussion boards are truly amazing. Having access to so many judgment recovery professionals eager to share advice on what to do, and more importantly, on what NOT to do, is truly amazing. I'm proud to be an NJN member. Your hard work and dedication to our industry is appreciated. Job well done!


Your exceedingly rapid response has impressed me. So has your honesty and accuracy regarding your competitors. I received an SJR manual and training CD two weeks ago and then I found NJN on the internet. I noticed that on SJR's network now they are promoting an "update" for "only $65" to their members. This comes after assurances on their website that no other fees are ever charged once you purchase their manual for $165 plus shipping. I have only had it a couple of weeks but I will be returning it for a full refund today. I will be joining NJN. You just made the decision for me. I look forward to joining NJN and becoming a judgment recovery pro. Thanks so much for your help!


I've had an attorney contact me (found me through my NJN website). He sent me copies of eleven (11) judgments from his clients. These range from a few thousand dollars to one which is for $10 MILLION!


I have purchased two other Judgment Recovery Home Study Courses (at a much larger investment than NJN), researched several other courses etc. and found none that are near equal value.


Recently I was contacted by an attorney regarding two judgments he was holding against a corporation. The total of the two together without interest was a little over $500,000. He wanted to have me collect on these for him. I never did quite understand why he had not wanted to do so himself, but I accepted the assignment anyway. After filing the necessary documents with the court, I learned that shortly after the judgment had been rendered, the company was close to filing bankruptcy. This was the reason the attorney was unsure about making the collection himself. He felt that they were probably worthless and would waste his time in research so he turned them over to me. If anything at all came out of it, he would be happy with what he received. I learned that the company had corrected it's position in the market and now had over $16.7 billion in assets according to the SEC. I sent a demand letter to the company, and all parties that were named, as well as the board of directors. The day they received the letters, I started getting numerous phone calls wanting to know how to get this taken care of and keep their shareholders from finding out. I told them they could send me a check, as long as it was good, for the total now due which was just under $1 million with interest, and I would file the papers to record it as satisfied. I told them I could do nothing about keeping it from their stockholder since it was public record, however I would not do anything about notifying them that there was an outstanding judgment against them either. One week later I received a certified check for the total that was due - $972,586.12. My fee was 45%.


I bought the first course from Cambridge last year - not a total mistake but not the best choice. There was little or no support. I knew that I needed more answers all along but didn't know what the questions were. I joined NJN about a week ago. What a surprise! I have hardly done anything but read. You folks are a Godsend. I thank everyone for the answers and support.


After my company being wiped out after 9/11 and loosing a few million dollars I had worked very hard to secure, looking for a new job in this economy has been hard. This opportunity has brought renewed excitement back to me, and the NJN Forum just underscores the results you can achieve when everyone works together.

Hats off to the creation and maintenance of an excellent network. After all, we all have families to feed, right?


After going through the (Sierra) course twice myself (before I discovered NJN), I now believe Sierra to be grammar school and NJN to be College!


You guys are the best. I've been a member almost a year. I never cease to be amazed at the growing list of resources you provide. Keep up the good work.


Just wanted to tell everyone how valuable this message board is (speaking of the NJN Forum). I have owned several businesses, all starting from scratch, and I have never seen such support as this. I am very impressed by the peer-level support that you get as well. In most businesses, you can forget about asking anyone in the same line of work in the same city or state as you for help, but here I see it offered voluntarily all the time. It's a support system like this that helps keep everyone more professional, and helps spread the work and willingness to work together across the board.

I am extremely grateful for this Association. The content and opportunity for networking proves to be a gift to me. You have no idea how much value the organization means to so many trying to make a living or part-time income doing this type of valuable work. This profession is not only appreciated by many, it is very fascinating. Thank you for your hard work and consideration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks.... what a fantastic service.... best money I've spent in a long time!


I am relatively new to the judgment recovery business and definitely new to NJN. The information that I've seen posted here is absolutely "FABULOUS". I purchased a course from another site that helped me get started in the business but the NJN manual and forum discussions will definitely help me become a "Judgment Recovery Professional".


Just want to let anyone know who is considering joining NJN to do it. I have been a member for about 2 weeks now. I feel the support with NJN is unbelievable! I have never had such a quick response to my e-mails. I get my questions answered in lightning time. Doesn't get much better then this.


I just wanted to personally thank National Judgment Network for your help in getting my business started so many years ago. We were just named named a finalist in the Stevie Awards for Women in Business (press release attached) for Technology Innovator of the Year, Most Innovative Company of the Year (up to 100 employees) and Best Turnaround of the Year. And I couldn't be more proud.


I love this business. I mailed out 40 letters two months ago and I already have so many interested clients that I won't need to mail any more letters for quite a while. A lady just called to ask for help enforcing about eight judgments. All of them are over two thousand dollars plus interest. Plus she generates about 10 new ones each year. When I opened my business checking account the bank teller took my business card and gave it to her sister. Her sister called me and asked for help enforcing a $4,500 judgment. The demand is definitely there!


I do not usually disclose my annual income, but during January 2007 my business grossed $46,660.67 collecting from 4 states. Not too bad for a one-man shop. NJN has been a big help!


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