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National Judgment Network is open only to judgment recovery professionals who are actively engaged in the business of judicial judgment enforcement, and to individuals desiring to enter into the profession. If you are a judgment recovery professional with the desire to become part of a growing network, dedicated to the mutual benefit of all members, we invite you to join us...

The primary purpose of the network is to promote the profession of judicial judgment recovery, and provide its members with additional resources, credibility and exposure. The network facilitates cooperation among judgment recovery professionals to more easily enable enforcement of their assigned judgments. The network is a source of information and learning where members can remain on the cutting edge of their profession.


Benefits of Membership

  • Cooperation and assistance from other members;
  • Ability to more easily operate on a nationwide basis;
  • Access to the "members only" section of the NJN website;
  • Free access to the NJN Judgment Enforcement training program;
  • Free online record searches (ABA numbers, reverse searches, etc.);
  • Tons of links to free online searches and information brokers;
  • Free graphics and clipart for your Website;
  • Free access to all NJN software;
  • Complete set of free judgment recovery forms, agreements, and letters;
  • Acess to state-specific court forms;
  • Discounted services from major information brokers;
  • Access to the NJN Assistance/Discussion Forum;
  • Enhanced credibility for your business;
  • Increased exposure for your business;
  • The ability to obtain 'certification' as a Judgment Enforcement Professional;
  • A method of obtaining free direct referrals through your own free website;
  • A method of resolving customer disputes;
  • The ability to co-op cases with other members;
  • Tutorials on interpreting credit reports, SSNs, FEINs, etc.;
  • Reports and discussions on Child Support Enforcement, Skip-tracing, Asset Discovery, and Legal Documents;
  • Listen to audio seminars conducted by experts in the judgment enforcement buisiness, online;
  • A National Judgment Network membership card;
  • An email service which includes your own free business-specific email address;
  • An online post-judgment interest calculator;
  • The ability to produce commonly used documents and letters online and print them on your printer;
  • Membership in a rapidly growing network of judgment recovery professionals dedicated to perfecting their professional practice;
  • and much, much, more!

To elaborate on just a few of the many benefits of membership:

You will have access to the NJN Judgment Enforcement Manual, a complete training program for the business of judgment enforcement. Even if you already received training from another source, the NJN manual will prove vital to your success. The manual can be viewed online or downloaded and stored on your computer in the form of an e-book. The manual is over 400 full-size pages and is constantly revised and updated to keep you on the cutting edge. The NJN Judgment Enforcement Manual alone, is well worth the cost of membership!

The ability to obtain certification as a judgment recovery professional, by passing our exstensive 100-question certification examination. While not required for membership, being entitled to display the coveted NJN Certification Seal will demonstrate to the world that you posses a superior knowledge of the judgment recovery business. The examination may be taken online and is free of charge to all NJN members!

The NJN Online Office Center is an online system that was designed exclusively for the business of judgment recovery. It contains everything needed to efficiently operate your judgment recovery business on a day to day basis. It includes a post-judgment interest calculator, public records search program, case management database, online storage, and more. The case management database will track your cases, automatically calculate post-judgment interest (regardless of territory) and produce many of the necessary documents and letters used in your business. All data is stored safely and securely online where it can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world. Learn more about the NJN Online Office Center by clicking here.

A free website for members who want an online presence without the hassle or expense. Your website is personalized for your business and fully functional, giving prospects the ability to submit information on their cases directly to you. Here is another benefit well worth the cost of membership! (Click here to view a sample website in a new window.)

The cost of lifetime membership, is only $149! That's a small price to pay for the benefits, promotion, and assistance available to National Judgment Network members. Your can even enjoy immediate access by paying your application fee online. Need more information? Click the "Questions" button above for answers to frequently asked questions, the "Testimonials" button for member comments, or click the "Join Us" button if you are ready to join.

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