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Welcome to one of the most progressive professional organizations in the United States. National Judgment Network is an organization dedicated exclusively to the business of judicial judgment recovery. Our membership is currently comprised of 6,298 registered judgment recovery professionals making National Judgment Network the largest professional organization of its kind in the nation. Our members form a network of judgment recovery professionals dedicated to rendering mutual assistance and perfecting their judgment recovery practice. All members subscribe to the principles of the organization and pledge themselves to the highest ethical standards of business.

About Us

National Judgment Network was established in 1998. Our initial purpose was to:

  • create a network in which judgment recovery professionals could share information for the benefit of all members;
  • develop a certification program and code of ethics for the judgment recovery industry;
  • increase the credibility of members by providing their customers with the ability of resolving disputes through a third party;
  • obtain discounted investigative services through the combined strength of our membership;
  • enable entrepreneurs desiring to enter the business of judicial judgment recovery with a method of learning the business from other well-established professionals;
  • develop and distribute proprietary software for use by members in perfecting their practice;
  • provide members with a means of effectively promoting their judgment recovery business on a nationwide basis;
  • and, create professional standards within the industry.


If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in entering the field of judicial judgment recovery, click the Entrepreneurs link.

Judgment Recovery Professionals

If you are already a judgment recovery professional interested in learning more about the benefits of membership in National Judgment Network, click the Professionals link. If you wish to view the current issue of our free newsletter or utilize our publicly available resources, click the Resources link.

Judgment Creditors

If you are an individual searching for a judgment recovery professional with the ability and expertise to enforce payment of your judicial judgment, click the Creditors link to locate a National Judgment Network member in your area.


If you are a current member of National Judgment Network:

  • Registered members may login to the "restricted" areas of the National Judgment Network website. Because of the nature of the information available to judgment recovery professionals, access is restricted to members only. Username and password are required for access!
  • If you have difficulty logging-in, please visit our browser configuration page for information on properly configuring your Internet Browser.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, please visit our lost password page to have them emailed to you.

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