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Our Guarantee

Does National Judgment Network offer a guarantee?
Absolutely! National Judgment Network will guarantee:

  • that membership will provide you with the tools necessary to become successful in the business of judgment recovery;
  • that you will be provided with your own free website;
  • that you will have access to all proprietary software;
  • that you will have access to the most current and complete information available anywhere;
  • etc., etc...

Can we guarantee that you will be successful?
No! Only you can guarantee your success. Businesses fail every single day. Not because of the product or service, but because of the individual. Just like garages, auto dealerships, restaurants, and other businesses, there are successful judgment recovery businesses located throughout the country. There are also garages, auto dealerships, restaurants, and judgment recovery business that fail every day. These businesses don't fail because people have stopped buying cars, eating, or collecting judgments. They fail, for one reason or another, because the individual running the business did not ensure his own success. We absolutely guarantee to provide you with the necessary tools for success, but only you can guarantee your success.

Can we guarantee that judgment recovery is the business for you?
No! There are dentists who earn a very good living, but hate standing on their feet peering down someone's throat all day. The decision to become a dentist was theirs and theirs alone. No one could guarantee that there would be no hardships involved. Like any business, judgment recovery takes both commitment and hard work. We simply know of no other business where you will find a better opportunity to be successful in a business of your own.

Why doesn't NJN offer a 'money back' guarantee like some other organizations?
Would you really want us to offer a money-back guarantee? Wouldn't it concern you that it would cost you business? Absolutely anyone could join, learn how to enforce their own judgment, then demand their money back. It could actually destroy your business by eliminating potential cases. Any organization that will allow people, who are not dedicated to making judgment recovery their profession, to browse their confidential information either has nothing to offer, has no concern for the welfare of their members, or both. National Judgment Network will not share the secrets of your profession with the public.

National Judgment Network is not a discount department store where you can return a coffee maker that you don't like. We don't sell anything but membership in the organization. We don't want an organization comprised of individuals wanting to enforce their own judgment, curiosity seekers, and dreamers. The problem with dreamers is that their eyes are closed. We want members who enter the profession with their eyes wide open. We are a professional organization for individuals who have already satisfied their curiosity and live in the world of reality.

So-called 'money back' guarantees are pie-in-the-sky! Anyone that makes such a guarantee is assuming that you are a dreamer. If there were a business in which everyone was guaranteed success and satisfaction, there would be no unemployment in the United States! It would be a land of milk and honey. It would be a dream-world.

Name a business in which you are guaranteed success. If you know of one, then that is what you should be doing. And please, share it with the rest of us. Everyone would like to be in a business of their own where success and satisfaction are guaranteed for an investment of $149. National Judgment Network will not insult your intelligence with such a ludicrous guarantee. We are an organization comprised of professionals who guarantee their own success. Professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and assist others in becoming successful.

It is our sincere suggestion that you take dvantage of these 'money back' guarantees. Purchase one (or all) of these programs. If you find that the program is incomplete or that you just don't like it - return it for a refund. It's unlikely that you will actually receive a refund, but either way, come back and visit us again. Join us after you have made the decision that you want to be involved in the business of judgment recovery. We will look forward to welcoming you aboard...

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