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Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of questions were received from entrepreneurs interested in entering the field of judgment recovery. If you are already a judgment recovery professional, you may want to skip to the section below entitled More for questions that apply to both entrepreneurs and current judgment recovery professionals.

What are my chances of being successful in a business of my own?
Good question! Not everyone is cut out to run their own business. While there is really no definitive way of knowing if you have what it takes, there are a number of entrepreneurial tests that can provide you with an insight. Click here to open a new window and take a simple ten-question quiz. It may help you with your decision.

Where does the "80% of judgments remain uncollected" figure actually come from?
Figures come from a comprehensive and well researched report entitled "The Kaulkin Report" produced by the Kaulkin Ginsberg Company, a national advisory service to the collection industry.


How difficult is it to locate customers and obtain judgments?
You will be surprised at how easy it is to become overwhelmed with business! Most judgment recovery professionals have to limit the number of cases they actually accept.

Why wouldn't a judgment owner enforce his own judgment?
Most judgment creditors simply don't know how. Then, there are the problems associated with tracking the debtor, locating assets, etc.

Couldn't he hire an attorney?
Sure, if he wants to pay a retainer, and a fee of between $100 and $200 per hour! Using your services, he has no out of pocket costs whatsoever.

On what percentage of the cases I accept, can I actually expect to collect?
That will depend on the size of the judgments and the criteria you place on your acceptance. 50% is a realistic figure for the experienced judgment recovery professional.

Is this business legitimate?
Judge for yourself! Click here to open a new window and read an article published in the Wall Street Journal specifically citing National Judgment Network, or here for an article published on the "eHow" website.

Why can't I contact you by telephone with questions about membership?
All NJN Staff members are volunteers who actually operate their own judgment recovery business. With hundreds of inquiries per week, staff members simply don't have the time or resources to respond by telephone. Creating a staff to do so would force an increase in our membership fee which we have pledged to avoid. Questions addressed by email are automatically routed to the staff member best qualified to respond. All emails are promptly answered! It is your understanding and cooperation that helps keep our membership fee at a minimum.

Is this business dangerous?
No. You never even have to confront the debtor. Your investigations can be conducted in covert fashion. The debtor doesn't even have to know you are on his trail. There is absolutely no danger involved!

Does judgment recovery require a great deal of knowledge of the legal system?
No. The NJN manual provides you with all the basics. Your knowledge of the legal system will increase with experience. Most judgment recovery specialists are neither attorneys nor paralegals.

Is there a lot of competition in this business?
Absolutely not! Judgment Recovery is a relatively new field. It is very likely that you will encounter little, if any competition at all! Should there be other judgment recovery specialists in your area, there is still plenty of business to go around. Click here to open a new window and see just how many unsatisfied judgments are available right now in your state!

Can I work part time?
Sure, by limiting the number of cases that you accept based on the time that you have available.

Is there any special license required for judgment recovery?
There is no professional license specifically for the business of judgment recovery but some states require businesses to register their business name. Information on licensing and name registration is covered in the NJN Judgment Enforcement Manual.

Is judgment recovery legal in my state?
Judgment recovery and the transfer of ownership is legal in all states, and over the years National Judgment Network has had members from all 50 states and Canada. Click here to open a new window and view websites of current members located in your state. Due to the opinion of certain State Bar Associations, there are a handful of states less accommodating than the majority. Click here to view comments on judgment recovery in these few states.

Can I enforce Canadian judgments?
Sure. The legal systems in Canada and the U.S. are very similar. While the NJN website caters more to the U.S. judgment enforcement professional, we have a number of Canadian members. Our Post-Judgment Interest Calculator and Judgment Enforcement Database are even configured to compute post-judgment interest for Canada.

Couldn't I enter this business on my own without becoming a National Judgment Network member?
It may be possible, but you would have a tremendous amount to learn on your own. The NJN manual will provide you with all the necessary forms, agreements, and information needed to become successful as quickly as possible. The NJN manual has been compiled from the lessons learned from hundreds of actual judgment recovery cases. And, as a member, you will have the support and assistance of successful judgment recovery professionals located throughout the U.S.

Does the NJN program include information on the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)?
Absolutely! You will not only have access to the complete text of the FDCPA but discussions on which parts of the act are applicable to the business of judgment recovery.

Can I obtain help if I encounter difficulties?
Certainly! Not only can you obtain help from National Judgment Network but you can obtain the assistance of other successful judgment recovery professionals throughout the U.S. You will even have access to the NJN Discussion Forum where members share their knowledge and information. And, there are no time limits on obtaining assistance, as there are with other judgment recovery programs.

Why don't you offer telephone support?
Telephone support is greatly overrated! If you call a company headquartered in California and ask about the process of filing a bank garnishment in Georgia, you are going to be told to visit the courthouse or contact a local attorney. Why? Because the individual in California can't possibly know the rules and requirements for every jurisdiction in the U.S. With National Judgment Network's online support, you will receive an answer from another judgment recovery professional who does business in Georgia and files bank garnishments on a routine basis. You won't get true support over the telephone.

How long will my membership be valid?
Your membership is a lifetime membership! - No annual or hidden fees!

Can you tell me more about the Case Management Database?
The NJN Case Management Database is part of the NJN Online Office Center. It is available to National Judgment Network members for just the cost of hosting, which is an unbelievably low $49 per year! The NJN Online Office Center alone is well worth the cost of membership and you won't find anything like it anywhere else. The closest program you will find costs a whopping $449 and is nowhere near as sophisticated as the free National Judgment Network program! You can learn more about the program "demo" it by clicking here.

Can I obtain the Case Management Database without becoming a member of National Judgment Network?
Yes! National Judgment Network now offers a version of our Online Office Center that is available to all judgment recovery professionals for just $50 per year. This version of the program differes slightly from the version provided to registered NJN members but it is fully functional and extremely powerful! Click here for details.

All I want is access to the NJN Post-Judgment Interest Calculator!
Not a problem. You may register to use the NJN Post-Judgment Interest Calculator for just $25 per year without joining National Judgment Network. Click here for a demonstration.

Is the training received through National Judgment Network as comprehensive as that available from other sources?
Don't let the cost fool you! The NJN manual will provide you with everything needed to enter the judgment recovery profession, and do so for a lot less than any other program available. It also guarantees you the support and assistance of National Judgment Network and its members. Your membership in National Judgment Network assures you that you will never be alone! Click here for an in-depth comparison with other popular programs.

Tell me more about the NJN Judgment Enforcement Manual.
The NJN Enforcement Manual is a complete training package designed to give the new judgment enforcement professional all the knowledge needed to enter and become successful in the judgment enforcement profession. It may be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format and is available to all members at no cost. The manual is over 400 full-size pages, containing state-specific information and tutorials on everything from "asset discovery" to "fraudulent conveyance". Because it is written in e-book format it can quickly and easily be revised on a regular basis, making it the most up-to-date source of information available anywhere. The manual can even be printed on your own printer if desired. Providing our members with alternatives is just one way we keep our costs down and our membership fee low!

How often is the NJN Judgment Enforcement Manual updated?
The manual is completely reviewed and revised as necessary on at least a monthly basis. You will always have access to the most current information available.

Is National Judgment Network a member of the Better Business Bureau?
No. Membership in the Better Business Bureau means one thing - that the business has paid their membership dues. The BBB actually derives its income from the very businesses they are supposed to monitor. We don't feel the benefits of displaying the BBB seal justify the expense of membership. Even though National Judgment Network is not a BBB member, you can still check for complaints on the BBB website by clicking here. We are a member of the Better Internet Bureau, WWW Chamber of Commerce, Trust Worthy Site, and other such consumer organizations.

Are there any guarantees?
Only you can guarantee your success in the business of judgment recovery, or any other business. However, we will guarantee to provide you with all the knowledge and information necessary to become successful. Click here to open a new window and learn the truth about so-called 'money back' guarantees.


Does the public have access to this site?
The public will have access to your free website so they can contact you for assistance. But, due to the nature of the information contained on the remainder of the website, access is restricted to members only.

What are the requirements for membership?
Membership is open to judgment enforcement professionals, private investigators, collection agents, child support enforcement specialists, and individuals seriously wanting to get started in the judgment enforcement industry. You can view the rules of membership by clicking here.

How does membership enhance my credibility as a judgment enforcement professional?
Your membership tells the world you are a professional, and that you have the ability to obtain assistance with the enforcement of their judgments when needed. Membership also gives judgment creditors a method of 'checking you out' and a means of resolving any disputes, should they occur, through third party mediation.

Will I actually receive referrals of potential customers from the network?
Yes. The National Judgment Network website is constantly visited by individuals seeking assistance in the recovery of their judgments. These individuals have the ability to locate your business via your free NJN website and contact you directly, for assistance.

May I publicize my affiliation with the National Judgment Network?
Absolutely! Members may place the following statement on their Web site: "Member of National Judgment Network", with the words National Judgment Network linked to a page which is devoted to judgment creditors looking for assistance. Additional information and the appropriate HTML code are provided upon acceptance as a member. You may also display the NJN logo on your website, business cards, and letterhead.

How long will it take to get my free website?
You can have your website online immediately! You can actually create your website on your first access to the secure area of the NJN website. It will appear online instantly!

Are the necessary forms and documents available to network members?
Yes. MS-Word templates are available for most of the commonly used agreements, documents, and letters. In addition, you will have access to proprietary software capable of producing such documents. The NJN website even features a method of producing documents online. There are also state-specific court forms available for download.

What kind of assistance can I expect from other members?
All judgment recovery professionals occasionally have need for state-specific information and assistance in filing documents with a foreign court. All members have agreed to provide limited assistance to fellow members. In turn, you must agree to assist other members to the best of your ability. Naturally, any expenses incurred would be the responsibility of the member requesting assistance.

Tell me more about the "NJN Certification Program".
Any NJN member may take the 100-question Certification Examination, which will entitle them to display the coveted NJN Certification Seal on their website and promotional materials. The examination is taken online and is free of charge to all NJN members. Displaying the certification seal informs the public that you have gone above and beyond, and possess a superior knowledge of the judgment recovery business.

Are there any other costs associated with membership?
No. You will have access to all proprietary software, information, and assistance for just the cost of membership.

How long will my membership be valid?
Your membership is a lifetime membership! - No annual or hidden fees of any kind!

How do I receive access to the NJN Website?
You will receive instant access!

How about a peek at what is on the inside?
Sure! Click here to open a new window.

I have suggestions that may improve the site and benefit all members. How do I make suggestions?
All contributions and suggestions for improvement are welcome. Contact us with any suggestions.

How do I pay my membership fee?
You can join National Judgment Network online using your major credit card or PayPal account and receive immediate access!

Who is National Judgment Network?
National Judgment Network is a subsidiary of National Cyber Services, a company providing online services to the legal and collection communities for over a decade.

What is your mailing address?
National Judgment Network
Post Office Box 1061
Theodore, AL 36590-1061

Great! How do I join?
Easily done! Just click the "Join Us" button at the top of this page.

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