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State Court Access

Many of the state courts now provide online access to court records. Some such services are fee-based while others are free. The below list is by no means complete but does include the larger sources.

  • Alabama (fee) - The commercial vendor On-Line Information Services, Inc. provides fee-based access to the trial court records for all counties in Alabama.
  • Alaska (free) - Search the trial court name index, which contains case information for lawsuits filed in 30 Alaska counties.
  • Arizona (free) - The Arizona Judicial Branch offers a database of case information from 137 out of 180 courts in Arizona.
  • Colorado (fee) - Search for case information about open or closed (but not sealed) matters from Colorado district and county courts.
  • Connecticut (free) - Search for civil and family court matters by personal or business name.
  • Delaware (free) - Delaware state courts.
  • District of Columbia (free) - Search for court records by personal or business name.
  • Florida (free/fee) - Access to civil case information, and other official records, in several, but not all, Florida counties.
  • Hawaii(free) - Search Hoohiki court records.
  • Illinois (free/fee) - Currently, the site provides access to about 15 county courts in Illinois.
  • Iowa (free/fee) - The Iowa judiciary offers case information from civil, criminal, probate, and traffic courts in all of its counties and from appellate courts.
  • Kentucky (free) - Provided by Kentucky Court of Justice.
  • Maryland (free) - Search for case information originating within the Maryland District Court system and the Circuit Courts.
  • Minnesota (free) - Find case information and dockets for appellate and district courts.
  • Mississippi (free) - Supreme and appellate courts.
  • Missouri (free) - Find case information from civil, criminal, probate, and traffic courts in many Missouri counties as well as from the State's appellate courts.
  • New Jersey (free) - Limited access to civil court records.
  • New Mexico (free) - Search for information about civil, criminal, and traffic court cases in district and magistrate courts in New Mexico.
  • New York (free) - Provided by the New York Unified Court System. Search civil court cases for select New York courts.
  • North Dakota (free) - North Dakota District court cases as well as some North Dakota municipal court cases.
  • Oklahoma (free) - Find case information and dockets for appellate and district courts served by the Oklahoma Court Information System.
  • Oregon (fee) - Search for civil, small claims, tax, domestic, and criminal (including misdemeanor and felony) cases.
  • Pennsylvania (free) - A single search interface to the case information and docket sheets of select courts in the state.
  • South Carolina (free) - The case records search is available for all counties in South Carolina.
  • Texas (free) - District, County and Federal Court Dockets and Court Records in Texas.
  • Utah (fee) - A fee based service for case information in Utah District and Justice Courts.
  • Vermont (fee) - Fee based service for civil and small claims cases.
  • Virginia (free) - Civil, criminal and chancery courts in Virginia provide access to case information via this gateway page.
  • Washington (free) - Municipal, district, superior and appellate courts.
  • Wisconsin (free) - Criminal, traffic, forfeiture, family and civil case information and judgments in circuit courts for most (but not all) Wisconsin counties.


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