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While most programs are written based on the experiences of the author, the National Judgment Network program is based on the actual experiences of our members. As a result, the NJN program is national in scope as opposed to being specific to the state of the author. The same is true of member support. It is not provided just by National Judgment Network, but also by members who reside in your state and are familiar with the statutes and procedures in your state.

We are often asked why we do not offer a printed version of the NJN Judgment Enforcement Manual. Simply put, changes in the field of judgment recovery occur too rapidly to produce a printed manual that is not obsolete by the time it is returned by the printer. The NJN manual is revised at least monthly and compiled in e-book (PDF) format so that it can easily be viewed online or downloaded to your computer. Just compare National Judgment Network with some of the organizations found on the Web:

Website not included.
57 page manual only.
This is the minimum cost. Are you kidding!.
Everything is included at no additional cost!

And when it comes to the quality and abundance of services, there is simply NO comparison!!!

  • Free searches? How about the ability to decipher ABA (bank routing) numbers? Our database contains over 29,000 entries, and access is free to NJN members!
  • Judgment Recovery Forms? Fill-out the most commonly used forms online and instantly print the selected form on your printer.
  • State-specific Forms? If you don't find the court forms for your state in our collection, they probably don't exists!
  • Free email address for your business? Choose from three as a member of National Judgment Network!
  • Want to be able to obtain state-specific assistance? Communicate directly with fellow members located in your state on the most elaborate judgment recovery forum on the Web!
  • Where else will you find audio seminars conducted by experts in the judgment recovery business that you can listen to online?
  • Free website? No need to wait! NJN members generate their own free website instantly!
  • Free software? All NJN software is provided free of charge!!
  • Free tutorials? Tutorials covering every aspect of the judgment recovery business including child support enforcement, fraudulent conversion, bank account discovery, statuatory analysis, and more!
  • Information and training? Access over 200MB of information on the NJN website!
  • A comprehensive Judgment Enforcement Manual? Try over 390 full-size pages that are updated monthly? Click here to take a look at the first few pages!
  • Support? How about lifetime support?
  • Promotion for you business? No other organization even comes close!
  • Recognition? No matter where you receive your training - nationally recognized professional certification can be achieved only through National Judgment Network!

Before making a costly mistake, ask the following questions:

  • Do you provide my business with a free website?
  • Do I receive lifetime support?
  • Do you charge for searches and so-called leads?
  • Is all software, if any, free of charge?
  • Do you offer a means of certifying the expertise of your members?
  • Do you provide a method whereby I can interact with other members in my state?
  • Does your manual contain information specifically for my state?
  • How comprehensive is your manual? Does it cover fraudulent conveyance, bankruptcy, UPL, marketing, employment discovery, and more?

Checkout trustworthiness and reliability at www.MyWOT.com*:

Organization     Trustworthiness     Reliability
NationalJudgment.Net     Excellent!     Excellent!
RecoveryCourse.com     Good     Unsatisfactory
CAJP.org     Unsatisfactory     Unsatisfactory
AllHomeBased.com     Unsatisfactory     Unsatisfactory
JudgmentRecoveryTraining.com     Unsatisfactory     Unsatisfactory
JudgmentRecoveryBusiness.com     Unsatisfactory     Unsatisfactory
JRinstitute.org     Unsatisfactory     Unsatisfactory
SmallClaimsProcessing.com     Very Poor     Very Poor
JudgmentCollectionTraining.com     Not Rated     Not Rated
JudgmentRecoveryCourse.com     Not Rated     Not Rated
JudgmentProcessing.com     Not Rated     Not Rated
JudgmentCenter.com     Not Rated     Not Rated
NAJRP.com     Not Rated     Not Rated

* WOT ratings are the result of millions of reports from millions of users who have rated millions of websites based on their experiences. We are proud of our "Excellent" rating.

Compare! Shop around! Then come back and join the true professionals, as a member of National Judgment Network - the largest and oldest professional organization of its kind in the United States.

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